How is Your Leadership?

With Valentine’s Day gone for this year, it is time to ask “How good of a leader am I?” Now is the time to reflect on that question because the relationship and support you receive from your significant other affects all other aspects of your life. Valentine’s Day provides the focus on whom that significant other is; the most important person in your life, your foundation.

The foundational support they provide allows you to build a structure everyone will see. Without a solid foundation the exposed structure will collapse. The structure here is leadership. The façade of a building cannot exist without a structure holding it. Likewise, you cannot keep up the façade of leadership if your structure is not sound. Your structure cannot stand if the foundation is not sound. Therefore, if your foundation (the relationship with your significant other) is not sound you cannot even pretend to be a leader.

Another way to state the above is: to be a leader you must have a strong and supportive relationship with your loved one. How? Part of the answer is being a leader at home. Demonstrating the basic qualities of leadership: honor, integrity, respect, and empathy go a long way in beginning a strong relationship (whether in or outside the home). Secondly, understand your partner; know what pleases them and what upsets them. After you understand those generalities, cooperate within your relationship to remove, as much as possible, the upsetting factors in your partner’s life; in line with a servant leader removing obstacles. Continuing as a servant leader and cooperating with your partner, build on each other’s strengths; this will improve the performance of your relationship.

With Valentine’s Day gone for this year, it is time to ask “How good is my relationship?” Your ability to answer this question is the first step in answering the question of your ability to lead. Lead at home before you can even imagine leading outside of your home.


About Orange Diamond Solutions

We are a leadership solutions company. This blog touches leadership topics and issues we feel are relevant. We try to stay apolitical; we just want to bring our perspective to bare and hope you enjoy and become engaged.
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